Tuesday, 6 March 2012

February 2012 meeting

For our February meeting we made Easter related project. We all had to make a bunny rabbit. Most of us did complete a bunny rabbit and there were many lovely dolls on display.

Mavis working away at her rabbit.

Deryn started her rabbit and was bravely doing by hand stitching.

Penny the speedy Gonzalvas completed her pink bunny in record time

Karen decided to do a felted bunny hopefully it will be completed for the next meeting.


Penny's dolls
Rabbit on a carrot

Pink bunny

Yuki Frost foot


Deryn's doll

made from Sally's pattern Sweetpea

Karen's doll

Karen's Purple panic

Sally's Dolls

Swan Song (Cygnet changing to a swan)

 When you wish upon a star

 Spirit of Christmas past

 Snow Flake

 Ahmes - Child of the moon (Egyptian doll)

 Professor Braynstaum

Shashi's doll

Wave the mermaid with her little friend Shore the seahorse. Made from Patti Culea's pattern

Rising from the Indian Ocean, to soak up the warm sunshine, this mermaid doll was inspired by the beautiful fabrics, trims and fibres I collected during my numerous visits to India. What a kaleidoscope of colour is India with its beautiful variety in every aspect. The mermaid and her seahorse is a replica of this variety.

Mavis's show and tell

Mavis's magical shoes

Cute little bunny by Mavis

Judith's Show and Tell

Cute little bunny with a carrot

An adorable raggedy ann