Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas Celebrations

We celebrated Christmas rather early in our doll club. It was another wonderful day with time spent laughing and creating. Most of all the joy of seeing some lovely Christmas themed and other dolls made by our members.

Sally's Dolls
Here is what Sally has to say about her show and tell dolls.

Helibore was made from a silk flower which was taken to pieces and used for the costume

I found a lovely piece of lace with cobwebs which gave me the idea of a fairy called cobwebs. This was ideal for my bride doll - a group project.

I then painted some of the cobweb lace black and thought it would be fun to make a doll in black. I drew a cobweb on her face and hands. I call her the black widow - a contrast to cobweb the fairy bride.

Judith's dolls
Santa in Pajamas
Santa was made for a fat quarter swap on CDA organised by Kat Lees, using her pattern.The three fat quarters I received I cut into stripes to make pajamas.
Garden Girls
The three girls came from the Australian magazine Homespun,even though they are very naive it was a challenge to get them looking alike.
The rest of the Christmas pieces were made at mini workshops and playing at home.

Karen's Dolls

My bride doll was a pattern that someone called Shashi bought in for us girls to help ourself's to, there was no picture with the pattern so I thought hey I will have a go at that and see what I end up with and she is pretty cute so I am glad I made her, her wedding dress was made up from a table cloth and a table runner that was for sold in the pound shop, her underskirt was also from the pound shop it was part of a fairy' dress up dress for children. Her veil was what I had already and I stuck some diamondy things on her again from the pound shop. so she didn't cost alot to make probably £5.oo in total but was fun to make her.

Mavis Walker

. The blue felted sleeping baby bear’s skin was made from felt embellished using an Embellisher machine.

The open-mouth bear was my first attempt at making a bear – he was supposed to have 2 joints in his neck, but I was not so good with them, and ended up sewing his neck into position ..... maybe he needs teeth?
The turquoise felted bear (also using an Embellisher )is almost finished – I must sew the detail on his hands and feet (paws).
The brown bear was made in a class with Janet Clark, so is the most professionally made bear – being made under close supervision - and to her design.

Penny Gerb
This wonderful lady was made by Penny for the Bride Challenge.
The two little bears like peas in a pod were made by Karen and Penny aren't they sweet.


This is a first attempt by Rosena who is new to cloth dollmaking. We were given one of those little ready made bodies that you get in pound stores which was provided by Karen and the challenge was to make a doll out of it. Rosena made this lovely doll a fairy. She did a marvelous job of incorporating rest of the body parts onto the main body.

Little Bo Peep.
This little doll was a challenge. Mavis provided some porcelain dolls and we had to redo the dolls. This is what Rosena did with her challenge doll. Isn't she so cute.

Jane Easey

Princess and the frog. I wonder if the frog will turn into a prince if the cute princess kisses him. Jane seems to have had fun creating these dolls.

Lee Edwardslonghurst

These two charming dolls were made by Lee. The bride doll for the challenge and ofcourse Lee's favourite colour is purple so she had to make a companion for the bride in purple.

Shashi Nayagam
This is Felicity the Christmas angel. She is made for the Holiday fairy challenge in Clothdoll Artistry
Her wings are made out of sheer silk organza. First one side of fabric bonda web was applied then the wire structure for the wings was laid on top. Then a thin layer of angelina fibres were sprinkled and then another layer of fabric was laid over it and ironed and then cut into the wing shape. She was supposed to be a tree top angel but turned out to be a fairy. However she could not grace the top of my Christmas tree as she became a little bit big for my tree. I did have fun making her though.