Friday, 5 August 2011

July meeting

 Our July meeting even though rather depleted went off well. Sally taught how to sew tiny hands and feet and to turn the toes and fingers. Those who were not very sure of this learnt from Sally how to do this. Others just did their own thing. Next time perhaps we will be seeing more dolls with beautiful hands and feet.

Show and Tell

Penny brought with her this gorgeous cat doll

Isn't he a cuddly cute little fella? Made by Karen

The sleeping beauty well a fairy but isn't she gorgeous. She is a Polymer clay sculpted doll by Sally

Oh he reminds me of Nemo, made by Lee who says she keeps making these silly little things, but I don't think he is silly at all. He is gorgeous and so colourful.

Lee under rates herself so much as a dollmaker but look at this gorgeous doll she made. Don't you think she is an accomplished dollmaker.

This doll you have all probably seen it before made by Shashi. It also won the judges choice award at the CIFI doll conference in Albuquerque this year.

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