Friday, 8 July 2011

May meeting

We had a very good day,plenty of laughter and quite a few doughnuts !
Deryn, Rosina and I helped by Sally did more heads and faces ( I think I'm getting a little bit better )
Mavis was setting in eyes with lids, and bags underneath ! Karen started a small teddy,Lee was working on the doll with blue hair,Jane made clothes for the challenge doll that Mavis supplied. Penny came a little later than the rest of us and had to go early as she was looking after her grandchildren but we found time to talk about a few things we would like to do in the future,we hope the RR dolls will be ready to swap in September if we can all make that meeting.

Here are some of the lovely dolls and accessories that our members have made.

The purple doll and the furniture was made by Penny

Jane made the doll head with a hat.

These little family of frogs were made by Mavis

The Cherub and the Valentine doll was made by Sally

This lovely golden had was made by Karen.


Sewn Seabee said...

All the creations are wonderful. But the FROGS and their expressions are just TOO cute. Are they an original pattern?

Anonymous said...

The frogs were made from a couple of patterns given to me by Judi Ward .... I don't know their origin, but they were just drawn on brown paper .... we can ask her if they can be shared.