Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Faces Our March Meeting

We had a wonderful time needle sculpting faces in our last meeting. Everyone was very keen and enthusiastic and made several of them and promised to make some more and come for the next meeting.  As you can see down below some of the instant results. Haven't they all made a great start.
I brought along some samples to show them.

Full concentration by Judith

Our new member Rosina
In our show and tell table we had this doll done by our newst member Rosina and new to cloth doll
making too but what an awesome job she did of this doll.

The valentine hearts garland was done by Karen.
This cute little frog pin was made by Mavis.
This amazing DIP is of Karen. I am looking forward to seeing this doll finished. It is a tree doll and I can't wait to see what Karen will do with her as she is already looking awesome.

Leprechauns were made by Mavis
Some of the show and tell dolls

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