Thursday, 10 February 2011

Face Sculpting with Mavis

Our first meeting this year started with a bang. What a blast we had learning to sculpt from Mavis. We all made some weird and wonderful heads. The best part was non of our doll heads turned out the way they we wanted them too. The doll heads seem to have a mind of their own lol! 

 Look at these they look as though they have come from outer space but what fun. We are hoping to do this sculpting again. Can't wait to see what everyone does.
 We also had our show and tell dolls. .
 Our newest member Jane brought in her first cloth doll that she made. Isn't she talented to have created this beautiful first doll. I wish I could have made my first doll so well.
 These three dolls were made by Penny. I think my favourite is the little green dragon he is so adorable.
 Wow look who is this Valentina O'Hara. A beauty in red with luscious red lips and big blue eyes oh Who would not fall in love with her. She is accompanied by the two cutie pies the Christmas elf and the little doll in blue. The trio were made by Lee.

 This doll was made by Sally. Sally calls her the alternative Christmas fairy so she is dressed all in black. What a beautiful doll this is. Love her hair Sally. But the little Prim doll is most adorable.
 Karen did not know what to name this doll. She just said oh the doll with long legs. Well Karen may not think much of her but we think this girl with long legs has an attitude. Well done Karen.
 Heather was the maker of this lovely little prim doll. She looks as though she wants to dance. Good work Heather.
 This doll was made by Shashi. She used paperclay on cloth method to sculpt her head. The doll is called Ruby because she ran out of inspiration for a name for the doll.
 Mavis created these lovely figures in purple. They are two families with an odd cousin. The three dolls on the left are mother, father and child and the three dolls on the left are the other family, mother, father and child. The one in the middle is the odd cousin.
So another play day at our doll club came to an end and we all left for home very reluctantly.