Monday, 15 November 2010

Our Next Meeting

Our extra meeting this year is on November 27th when for those of you that wish to we will start a prim or vintage doll (if anyone has patterns that they would be willing for us to use please bring them).

Some members wanted a challenge doll for this meeting the title is "Autumn"please don't feel under pressure only do this if you would like to,or if you have a doll that would fit this category please bring it.

As we do not have a meeting in December it was decided that at the November meeting we would have a pre Christmas "do"so bring some nibbles for sharing at lunchtime.

In November we can discuss what we are going to do  next year, some members have come up with a couple of ideas which we can talk about.

Meetings for 2011

Our first meeting is on January 29th .The heads of the Round Robin doll should be made and attached by then ready for handing on for the hair/headdress.As there has been a blip with the RR doll we will have to extend the time frame for completing the doll,as soon as I can sort it out I will let you all know.

Fees will be due at this time, but until I know exact numbers the amount is not yet fixed it should be around £30.00-£35.00 PA plus 50p each attended meeting towards refreshments.

Hoping to see as many of you as possible in November and for those of you that can't make it have a wonderful Christmas.

Last Doll club meeting

Last week we had another wonderful meeting. Penny taught us to make fabric journal pages with fairy inspired art and some free machine embroidary. She brought in her journal that she had made from Patti Culea tome from her book "Creative Cloth Explorations:Adventures With Fairy Inspired Art" Some of us brought our machines and some did our own thing. But even though some didn't do the pages it was just fun watching and learning and just bouncing off ideas each other for future projects.
  Here are some show and tell dolls by some of our members.
Doll by Heather

Doll by Penny
Doll by Gail

Doll by Gail

Doll by Judith

This is starting of Karen's page

This is starting of Heather's page

Penny who taught us the wonderful journal pages

Below is some of her beautiful work.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010


October 30th
10 am - 4 pm

Penny has started making her own version of the Patti Culea tome from her book "Creative Cloth Explorations:Adventures With Fairy Inspired Art"and those of you that would like to,can join in with her.She will show you how she achieved what she has done so far (please contact Penny for a requirements list ).For those of you that do not want to make the tome I will bring in some books on making fabric books.If neither of these appeal you can work on your current project.

As those of you that were at the July meeting know, we have decided to meet every month except December in 2011.I have booked the the room and estimate the annual subs for next year will be £30.00 each providing we hold our numbers.We also decided to have an extra meeting this year so I have booked the room for the last Saturday in November the 27th there will be no extra charge for those members that have paid in full,for everyone else it will be £5.00 on the day.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Playtime with paperclay

We are so happy to do our first post of our doll club meeting on Saturday. We played with paper clay. Everyone made lots and lots of faces out of moulds There were commercial moulds, Sherry Goshan moulds and moulds by Mavis who is also a member of our doll club.

The faces started coming thick and fast!

But there was also time for tea and cakes
From left to right Karen, Penny, Liz and Judith having fun with clay

In this picture Jackie, and Danielle. Danielle is our youngest member of the club only 14 years old and a keen and talented doll maker.

After a short lunch break everyone was back into sculpting heads with clay. All sorts of weird and wonderful heads were being made.

Some of the members brought their dolls to show.

This lovely group of dolls were made by Lee Edwards Longhurst.(Pumpkinella, Maggie the ice maiden, Joy of Christmas and Raggedy doll Molly)

Miss Britania made by Karen Howarth

Penny Gerb brought her beautiful fabric Journal pages which she made from Patti Culea's book

Twinkle made by Shashi Nayagam
Such a good time was had that none of us wanted to go home. So with popular request we will be meeting more often after November this year and have lots of fun activities planned.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Hello all,
This is a brand new blog about our Cloth Doll Club called Fancifulfigures. We are based in Farnborough. We will be sharing our doll club news and photos from our meetings and our members projects from time to time.
We are still under construction so please bear with us and we will return with more updates and photos.