Saturday, 23 February 2013

New Year, New name....

All of us at Fanciful Figures dolls club have had a discussion around the name of our club - and consequently also the name of this blog and have decided that New Year, New Name is in order.

This blog will remain available and a link to it is on the new blog, so if you are interested in seeing what we are up to please follow the link below.

And if you're interested in coming along to join us please get in touch by leaving a comment on the other blog leaving contact details and we'll get in touch...

Saturday, 19 January 2013

And looking forward to 2013...

I just wanted to post the plans for 2013, at least as far as we have decided them anyway...

January 26th  Those magnificent men in their flying machines...
February 23rd  Japanese prone figure or little animals, anything Japanese
March 30th  Garden doll - a doll based on anything in and around the garden

And other suggestions for later in the year have been....

Dress a wooden mannequin
Maraccas doll
Pop up dolls
Qaro birds
Fortune teller doll
Motorised carousel
Golly or mama doll

We haven't decided anything after March for sure. Whatever we do though it will be fun, informative and we'll have lots of laughs along the way. We'll learn along the way and generally support each other as we go.....

The rest of 2012...

I've nearly completed the catch up for last year at long last and promise to be more efficient  in 2013 so here's the news from November and December last year..

November 2012

 These four flat dolls were the one's that the girls completed after the October meeting. Because I'm really rubbish at remembering who made which one's I only know that the mermaid was made by Karen. Girls I'm sorry - I really promise to get better at remembering who made what!! In fact I'll take notes next time! And even though I've turned the picture on the right the right way round on my computer so have no idea why it's back on it's side again!

This beautiful Gypsy doll is made by our wonderful Shashi who is incredibly talented. The close up of the dolls face below shows the face detail much better and proves that the face of a doll can really give an insight into the character of the doll. To me she looks almost wistful and yet obviously enjoying her Gypsy dance.

Another one of Shashi's amazing creations and again the close up picture below shows the amount of beading and detail that has gone into making this wonderful doll.

Judith was still working on her flat doll in October. I have to say that  in this picture it looks a bit like an alien - sorry Judith!!

She looks much less like an alien when you see the whole picture complete with curly wire hair. I thinks she's absolutely fabulous.

Mavis brought this rather scary man along. She made him using the bound or wound cord method - I know that's not what it's really called but for the life of me cannot remember it's proper name. It's when something is bound round with another textile, wool or string to give a long rope which is then wound round something and attached to itself to make up a 3D character. Anyway we were all intrigued with this little character so I wouldn't be surprised if something similar doesn't turn up at some point in the future. 

Karen was still working on a miniature teddy from a previous meeting. It was made from orange mohair and had the biggest feet I've ever seen in a miniature teddy, but she did have fun trying to turn the legs inside out as it wasn't an easy job. I think she had her tongue stuck out because she was concentrating so hard - or maybe because we were all giggling at her struggles to turn them right side out. She managed in the end and it turned out brilliantly!

 December 2012

And last but not least we had our last meeting of the year on December 29th. As Karen put in the email to us all prior to this meeting


 Yep, each year we have a Christmas party. And okay there was no alcohol or dancing but there was lots of food, non alcoholic drinks, fun, laughter and good company, and even a little crafting along the way!!

Anyway I think I've talked too much for this post already so please just enjoy the pictures below and think about coming along to meet with us. We're a friendly group....


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Catch up... Doesn't time fly

Last time I updated the blog I said I would do it more often but life sometimes gets in the way and I didn't manage to do it. Life seems to be more on an even keel now so it's time for me to play catch up. There's lots of photos to look at and so today's update will be mostly photos. The next entry - due in the next couple of days - will let you all know what's planned for the next few meetings, and more photos. And then at the next meeting I plan to "interview" one or two of the girls so you can get to know us better. 

Okay - first of all photos of some of the things we've all been doing...

August 2012

Mavis brought two of her wonderful designs which make up part of a whole chess set that she was making at the time - since finished. She even has a book about them describing all the characters in the chess set as everyone is different and equally amazing

 We had been talking at a previous meeting about our first ever foray into doll making and Karen brought the first doll that she had ever made in for us all to look at. She was only a young girl when she made this so I think that she did a really good job.


Karen also brought in a bead bag that she had made (we don't just make dolls!) and at the meeting she completed her pair of very cute rabbits complete with matching outfits.

September 2012

At the September meeting Judith brought along a selection of miniature teddies and had kindly put together kits for all of us to have a go at making some like hers - although I have to admit mine doesn't look anywhere near as good as Judiths!

 This wonderful collection of miniature teddies are all from 2-4 inches tall and are all the work of Judith. They are absolutely gorgeous!

 And in preparation for the meeting in October Sally brought along some flat dolls as she had kindly agreed to teach us how to do these at the next meeting.

The variety of things that the group members make never fails to amaze me. They really are a very talented group of ladies.

And the variety of topics of conversation around the table is wide and varied. We certainly do our best to put the world to rights - but always nicely!

October 2012

October will be wordless as sadly I was unable to go due to other commitments. Judith was great as usual and has sent me the pictures from the day so I'll just put them up for everyone to see and appreciate. If someone can let me know who's work is which I can edit this and put up "credits" accordingly at a later date....

Well that's all for tonight - a quick round up of 3 months fun at Fanciful figures! I'll write up the next "chapter" in the next couple of days so keep an eye out for the next instalment.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Fanciful figures update...

It’s been a while since we’ve posted on the Fanciful Figures blog, but we’re still very much an active group, and have still been meeting for the last few months. Unfortunately Shashi who has done a marvellous job keeping the blog up to date has just been really busy so hasn’t been able to blog for us, so she has handed the reins on to me for the time being. Thanks to Shashi from everyone for the wonderful job she's done up to now. My name’s Jane and I’m one of the newer members of the group, even though I’ve been going for about 18 months now. We meet up once a month at Farnborough and chat, drink tea, eat donuts and sew, although eating the donuts and sewing are not usually done at the same time. The group is made up of a number of very talented ladies from whom I have learned a lot over the last 18 months and below is a selection of photos of some of the creations from the last few months just to whet your appetite.

As you can see from these there's a wide range of styles and variety of things made by the group and I'm sorry girls as I haven't individually identified who's made which of these but I promise to do better next time.
Keep an eye on the blog as today is dolls club day so I will be updating in the next week with today's news.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

February 2012 meeting

For our February meeting we made Easter related project. We all had to make a bunny rabbit. Most of us did complete a bunny rabbit and there were many lovely dolls on display.

Mavis working away at her rabbit.

Deryn started her rabbit and was bravely doing by hand stitching.

Penny the speedy Gonzalvas completed her pink bunny in record time

Karen decided to do a felted bunny hopefully it will be completed for the next meeting.


Penny's dolls
Rabbit on a carrot

Pink bunny

Yuki Frost foot


Deryn's doll

made from Sally's pattern Sweetpea

Karen's doll

Karen's Purple panic

Sally's Dolls

Swan Song (Cygnet changing to a swan)

 When you wish upon a star

 Spirit of Christmas past

 Snow Flake

 Ahmes - Child of the moon (Egyptian doll)

 Professor Braynstaum

Shashi's doll

Wave the mermaid with her little friend Shore the seahorse. Made from Patti Culea's pattern

Rising from the Indian Ocean, to soak up the warm sunshine, this mermaid doll was inspired by the beautiful fabrics, trims and fibres I collected during my numerous visits to India. What a kaleidoscope of colour is India with its beautiful variety in every aspect. The mermaid and her seahorse is a replica of this variety.

Mavis's show and tell

Mavis's magical shoes

Cute little bunny by Mavis

Judith's Show and Tell

Cute little bunny with a carrot

An adorable raggedy ann